How to Win Cultural Studies Scholarships

You will have an easier time pursuing cultural studies at college level if you win a scholarship. A scholarship means that part of your fees (or indeed your entire fees) for the cultural studies degree are catered for by someone else. If you win a full scholarship, your fees will be paid in full, and you may even be given a stipend on top. If you win a partial scholarship, your cultural studies degree fees will only be partially catered for. That would still be a huge reprieve, because the money that would have been used to cater for such fees can subsequently be devoted to something else.

Scholarships for cultural studies (and any other course for that matter) are usually awarded on a needs-based criterion or on a merit-based criterion. To win a needs-based scholarship, you would have to prove that you are needy. That will usually involve an assessment of your personal and your family’s finances. On the other hand, to win a merit-based scholarship, you usually have to prove that you are an exceptionally talented scholar.

While searching for cultural studies scholarships, you need to follow certain steps:

  1. Identify the bodies/institutions that award the scholarships
  2. Request for scholarship application forms
  3. Complete the scholarship application forms in a truthful manner
  4. Submit the completed scholarship application forms
  5. Attend any interviews you may be required to attend
  6. Wait for the relevant boards to make a decision on whether to award you the scholarships or not.

It helps a great deal if you can network with the people who award these scholarships, before applying. They are, in most cases, more likely to award you the scholarships if you are personally known to them. Networking is not hard. For instance, having gotten their phone contacts, you can opt to be calling them from time to time, and generally trying to keep in touch with them. Don’t fear the cost of making the phone calls: it is likely to be very modest, almost negligible really. For instance, if you are using a Metro PCS phone to call them, you will only have to make a little extra metro pcs payment on account of the scholarship networking phone calls. In fact, the difference (in terms of what you have to pay at the metro pcs pay bill portal) may be so small that you can’t notice it. Yet if it  potentially helps you to win a scholarship, that would translate into an opportunity for you to earn, say, a masters degree in cultural studies without spending too much of your own money.

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