AV-aerie is a dual purpose organization whose mission is to provide local, community based cultural, social and environmental initiatives the necessary resources to aid them in achieving their intended goals and to promote and aid similar projects already in existence through fund raising events and partnerships. Its vision is to create an environment that fosters and aids artistic and socially relevant ideas from conception to completion.

To this end, AV-aerie provides an office location for projects to utilize physical resources and interact with AV-aerie associates. This includes access to a database of municipal, corporate, educational and private individuals as well as documents from the public record intended to aid in a projects completion. AV-aerie provides detailed feasibility studies, guidance and direction to projects relying on an organized network of specialists with insight into various areas of expertise. We provide access to grant writers, grant information and private and public donor lists to help with potential funding. Finally, AV-aerie organizes, hosts and promotes fund raising arts and cultural events whose revenue will go to local socially and/or environmentally focused initiatives in partnerships chosen on a bi-annual schedule.